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panorama im mkl

The Deskoptheque was implemented for the MKL as a surround display system for various projects and experiments by the ICG of TU-Graz.

Multi-projector displays have been regularly employed in the domain of information
visualization and interactive multi-user environments for years. Projector-camera systems ([1],
[2]) enable the usage of consumer hardware for the construction of multi-projector displays on
irregular surfaces within an environment.
          The Deskotheque display system  supports the deployment of interactive room-
adaptive installations and multi-projector displays. Multi-planar projection surfaces are detected
by means of locally mounted cameras and a virtual three-dimensional model of the environ-
ment is created. This 3D display model is used for compensating projective distortions and
illumination effects of overlapping projectors as well as for the computation of interactions
between multiple users and the input and output periphery.
          A spatial interaction frame can be established by registering various coordinate sys-
tems (e.g. external tracking systems, spatial audio systems) with the virtual room model. The
artist or programmer is thus enabled to handle user actions with respect to their position and
orientation within the frame. Deskotheque manages the rendering of OpenGL scenes on multi-
projector output displays in a perspective-neutral way suited for multiple users.


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